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If you’re tired of not getting booked for jobs because you don’t have the experience you need, you’re in the right place! We give actors individualized training to get booked, like yesterday!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Practical tips from actors working in the industry (to get you booked)!
  • How our stellar online/in-person hybrid program will fast track your career.
  • We customize our program to the needs of each student (you’ll get individual help).
  • Exact steps you need to become a working actor, without wasting time and money on things you won’t need!

Do any of these sound familiar?

I’m frustrated…

I’ve wasted money on programs that teach methods, but give no practical roadmap for working professionals in the entertainment industry! Now I feel frustrated, I’m not booking auditions and I’m wondering who to trust to show me how to reach my professional goals!

I’m suffering…

I’m working on autopilot in the standard 9-5 but dreaming of a more fulfilling career (creatively AND lucratively!). I’m scared to leave the comfort zone of a job I already know to take the chance on my dream career! I am afraid if I don’t act now, I will be filled with regret later. I just need someone to show me where to go next!

I’m tired…

I’m not getting the auditions I desire and I’m tired from giving my all to auditions that don’t materialize. I don’t know HOW to make the professional connections I need to get my work in front of the RIGHT people. I know I’m missing out on opportunities I so badly want and I’m tired from spinning my wheels!

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Here’s what some of our student’s say…


“”I have been with Prodigy Talent for over three months now and can honestly say that I am having a blast! I am learning so many interesting things about the industry, from acting, comedy and improvisation and so much more. Jonathan and his team are really sincere about helping people that have that desire to get into the entertainment industry and age does not matter. Just be aware that it is not a high priced babysitting service. Everyone is encouraged and expected to participate at their fullest capacity.””

Ben C.

About Jonathan

Jonathan McFadden

Hi there, I’m Jonathan McFadden, Executive Director of Prodigy Talent Training, and working actor, producer and host in the entertainment industry since childhood.

I began PTT in 2015, with a desire to help others succeed in an industry that can take advantage of many, if you don’t have the right support and guidance. As a working professional, I want to show YOU the practical steps you need to take to make a successful career.

My professional highlights include (but are not limited to): on camera work with Subway, Amscot Financial, TrueGreen and The Golf Channel. You may have seen me co-hosting the International Home Builders Association, Miss Florida Pageant or Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. I’ve also worked at a number of corporate events such as Pepsi, Microsoft, AT&T, Keds and Amazon.

Along with our network of industry experts, coaches, agents, managers, casting directors, actors, models, photographers and producers, I share your common goal — to find success and fulfillment in this fast-paced and ever-changing business.

And results? Our professionals have booked speaking roles in a Tyler Perry show, Insatiable, Ruthless, On Your Feet: Broadway and more!

With our expert instruction, you will learn the exact steps you need to become a working actor, without wasting time and money on things you won’t need!

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“Jonathan McFadden of Prodigy Talent is the best of the best! He brings his own personal style along with his professional acting skills into everything he does. I have never met a more dedicated professional in his field. My 14 year old daughter is completely engaged with the subject matter and looks forward to returning class over class. I highly recommend Prodigy as the Best in Brevard and all around Acting School of central Florida!”

Avery P.

What Classes Do Prodigy Offer?

Acting For The Camera

acting for camera

  • Discover what authentic acting looks like for you (so you keep your performances grounded, unique and imaginative)
  • Create strong on camera HABITS (that become 2nd nature in a scene)
  • Practice breaking down scripts
  • Practice tried and true techniques (but also new and exciting ones!)
  • Effectively use PROPS
  • Study how to relate to CHARACTER (so you make it your own!)

Epic Auditions & Business Mastery

epic auditions

  • Learn tips, tricks & techniques to make your auditions stand out (so you get booked!)
  • Integrate business & auditioning into EVERYTHING you do (be 100% prepared for working in the industry)
  • Practice audition skills in a variety of genres
  • Work on current auditions in class
  • Participate in mock auditions every 3 months (with a real casting director or working actor) so you get feedback & build professional connections
  • UNLIMITED audition taping appointments
  • Blend your personality with your character (to make MAGIC)
  • Learn how to get the most out of your agent relationship
  • Upgrade your headshots, resumes and demo reels (so you build your professional profile and get booked!)



  • Learn MULTIPLE aspects of voice acting (such as commercial, character work, corporate narration, promotions and audio books)
  • Once a month, audition for a REAL voice-over job (so you gain experience)
  • Determine which EQUIPMENT to purchase and how to use it (because most voice-over jobs are recorded in the comfort of your home!)

Kids & Teen Acting

kids teens acting

  • Kids: 1:30-2:30 pm EST Sundays
  • Teen: 3-5:30 pm EST Sundays
  • Learn comedy, drama, commercial and voiceover TECHNIQUES through games and exercises (and have fun doing it!)
  • Master the acting TERMS used by professionals in the industry (to give you a competitive edge!)
  • Practice APPROACHES that keep performances honest & authentic

On-Camera Hosting

on-camera hosting

  • Learn the TOP skills and strategies you’ll need (to make your hosting dream a reality)
  • Practice teleprompter work, interviews, brand ambassadorship, hosting a talk show and speaking in corporate training videos.
  • Uncover the EXACT steps to becoming a polished and professional spokesperson
  • At the end of the 6 week session, host your OWN talk show (with a real on camera interview!)
  • Add a specialized SKILL set to your casting profile (so you become more marketable!)

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“Prodigy Talent Training is awesome! With so much to offer, from Adult, Teen and kids acting. To modeling and Production classes. Also lots of workshops and trips which we refer to as Prodigy On Location. You will have so many great opportunities. Not only am I a parent of a teen student, I am also apart of the adult acting class, and I love it! Jonathan, the other teachers and staff members are so helpful and if you any questions they are always there to help!”

Christina M.