• Teens: Sundays 12:00pm – 2:30pm & 3:00pm – 5:30pm
  • Adults: Sundays  6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Advance Acting: Wednesdays 5:00pm-9:00pm

The Acting Classes Cover:

  • Film
  • TV
  • Commercial
  • Industrials
  • Auditions
  • And More!

PRODIGY TALENT TRAINING acting students learn to be comfortable and natural in front of the camera, as they learn professional-level acting, auditioning, on-set, and business skills. Self-confidence and self-advocacy are byproducts of such training by passionate instructors who are dedicated to giving each student in-depth personal attention. Classes are ongoing, and focus on every stage of the Talent’s career from the beginner to the full-time professional.

As a student of PRODIGY TALENT TRAINING; you’ll not only train with working actors, but you’ll gain on set experience regularly. Combine your classes and on set experience with our Professional Development Workshops lead by industry pros, our multi-day trips to major entertainment cities (known as PRODIGY: On Location), and the personal attention given to you during your Office Hours appointments, and you will see results!

PRODIGY TALENT TRAINING, and its network of industry experts, coaches, agents, managers, casting directors, actors, models, photographers and producers share a common goal— to help promising and dedicated Talent find success in the fast-paced business that we love.

Model Development

“Modeling” does not only refer to wearing high-end clothing and appearing in fashion magazines and on runways. Modeling also refers to “acting” for print. Companies such as Disney, Universal, Florida Hospital, Choice Hotels, Publix Supermarkets and many others cast their commercial/print talent out of Orlando. These companies are searching for models and talent of all types. Any actor wishing to work in the Central Florida market should certainly explore this side of the industry so that they become as versatile, experienced, and employable as possible.

Our Model Development Workshops are designed for dedicated students who want to secure representation, and eventually begin booking work in the modeling industry. We offer professional, employment-driven model development and training, as well as the opportunity for placement in top market agencies.

Each Model Development Workshop will include:

  • Basics of Modeling
  • Business of Modeling
  • Acting for Print
  • Specialized Skills and Techniques Specific to the Particular Style of Modeling Being Covered (i.e. High End Fashion, Studio, Commercial, etc.)
  • PRODIGY: Portfolio Shoot!

You’ll get real world experience while building your portfolio. We call these experiences PRODIGY: Portfolio Shoots!

On Day 1, Model Development students will learn the on-camera skills and techniques specific to the particular style of modeling being covered. (i.e. High End Fashion, Studio, Commercial, etc.)

On Day 2, a professional photographer will come in for a shoot in the style of the genre of modeling that the class is learning. Students will then receive one final, edited shot from the photographer to add to their portfolios.


Digital Media combines elements of art, photography, video, sound and computer graphics with innovative technology. This hands-on, skills-based platform empowers students to develop skills in fields for all media outlets. Students produce broadcast quality productions in Prodigy’s studios and on location, using professional digital cameras and editing equipment. With a strong focus on Adobe CC products.

  • Photography: One frame at time.
  • History of the camera, from Galileo to the SLRs of today.
  • Shooting in a studio Vs. In the field.
  • Using Photoshop and Lightroom, for correction, retouching, remastering, and more.
  • Photography for the media
  • Pre- production: Getting started with a project
  • History of Film & Story development.
  • Script Writing and other production shorthand, using Adobe Story
  • Preparing for Studio Production Using Adobe Prelude.
  • Preparing for On-location Production
  • Production: Camera skills, Production schedules, Lighting and Audio recording
  • Time management for your production.
  • Using Adobe Prelude, with Speed Grade. To streamline your production.

Studio Production

A practical approach in learning the concepts and practices used in studio production with emphasis on camera operation, lighting, audio mixing, producing and directing.

On-Location Production

A practical approach to acquiring and applying fundamental professional skills to digital video camera work and non-linear editing through a variety of hands-on video production projects. This class provides an introduction to the tools, techniques, principles and concepts of producing, assembling, and mixing digital video and audio. Creativity, planning, and organizational skills are featured as a part of the production process.

Post Production: Editing

Using Adobe this course offers practical experience in advanced production skills and techniques involving the use of Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop Audition, and Much more. To create a final broadcast ready production. This hands-on, skills-based course qualifies students to develop proficiencies in fields of television, computers, and the Internet converge. Students produce broadcast quality productions in the Prodigy studios and on location using professional digital cameras and editing facilities. Prodigy Pictures combine the paramount behaviors from photography, video, audio recording, and graphics with a fast paced tactic to wisdom about cutting edge techniques and concepts in training for entry into the digital media workplace.

Stand Up and Improv

No experience necessary!

Stand Up Comedy:

  • Learn to write an entertaining “monologue style” piece.
  • Learn to confidently speak your own words in a way that makes people laugh.
  • Understand timing and the art of the craft of stand up comedy. (rule of 3’s, etc)
  • Understand comedy terminology (joke, bit, set….etc)
  • Understand stage etiquette. (microphone usage, etc)
  • Perform your material in a comedy showcase at the end of the series!


Improv is defined as improvisation which is the art of acting out a skit without preparation. An example of improv is a comedy show where actors do not practice the skits before hand. This class introduces students to the fundamentals of improvisation. Through exercises and games, students will learn the basic skills of improv and have fun developing their spontaneity, playfulness, imagination, and confidence. Improv is an essential skill for any actor, and it’s a useful one for everyday life as well!



VOICE OVER CLASS! This class will cover Commercial, Industrial, and even Animation/Gaming voice over! Radio Veteran, Stefani Sharon, will be your instructor with periodic special guest instructors added to the mix!